2019-2020 Course Catalog 
    Oct 01, 2020  
2019-2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Science in Integrative Therapeutics: Massage Therapy, BSiT-MT

The Bachelor of Science in Integrative Therapeutics: Massage Therapy (BSiT-MT) is a unique program with a solid academic foundation in therapeutic interventions, combined with extensive clinical experience in massage therapy. Students learn to apply the art and science of massage therapy in an environment that values critical thought and using the principles of evidence-informed practice. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively work in diverse and multidisciplinary healthcare environments, and offer the highest quality integrative care. Not only do graduates earn a bachelor’s degree, they will have the knowledge and clinical hours to apply for licensure as a massage therapy professional (LMT) in all 50 states.

Program Outcomes

  1. Therapeutic Interventions – Massage Therapy
    Express concepts and demonstrate skills related to the therapeutic intervention of massage therapy. Appraise the relationship between massage and: pain-relief, health and wellness. Integrate and apply these concepts within the context of a massage therapy practice.
  2. Ethics, Responsibility and Social Maturity
    Make reasoned decisions based on an ethical framework and a respect for diversity. Exhibit cultural humility and maturity. Display accountability for your choices, behaviors and actions. Demonstrate mature social skills required in the healing professions, such as compassion and understanding.
  3. Communication and Teamwork
    Practice professional communication and work productively, both independently and as part of a team. Effectively communicate using verbal, nonverbal and written skills.
  4. Research and Information Literacy
    Demonstrate comprehension and skill with research methods and scientific inquiry. Use appropriate information technologies to conduct and communicate about research topics and questions, and to access, evaluate and manage information to meet academic, personal and professional needs.
  5. Career Preparation
    Develop a career plan based on personal and professional strengths. Demonstrate career readiness skills, such as the ability to apply classroom learning to real world scenarios. Implement critical thinking skills to make decisions in new situations.

Elective Courses

Electives are an option, but not required in the BSiT-MT program. For students interested in exploring additional massage topics and/or courses in natural sciences, social sciences, integrative medicine and nutrition, please refer to the undergraduate electives.

BSiT-MT Two-Year Curriculum

First Year


First-Year Fall Totals - Lab: 84 | Lecture: 144 | Total Hours: 228 | Credits: 15.5


First-Year Winter Totals - Lab: 96 | Lecture: 144 | Total Hours: 240 | Credits: 16


First-Year Spring Totals - Clinic: 48 | Lab: 48 | Lecture: 108 | Total Hours: 204 | Credits: 13

First-Year Totals - Clinic: 48 | Lab: 228 | Lecture: 396 | Total Hours: 672 | Credits: 44.5

Second Year


Second-Year Summer Totals - Clinic: 48 | Lab: 72 | Lecture: 60 | Total Hours: 180 | Credits: 10


Second-Year Fall Totals - Clinic: 96 | Lecture: 132 | Total Hours: 228 | Credits: 15


Second-Year Winter Totals - Clinic: 96 | Lecture: 144 | Total Hours: 240 | Credits: 16


Second-Year Spring Totals - Clinic: 96 | Lab: 24 | Lecture: 96 | Total Hours: 216 | Credits: 13

Second-Year Totals - Clinic: 336 | Lab: 96 | Lecture: 432 | Total Hours: 864 | Credits: 54

Total Core Credits: 98.5

Total Elective Credits

(none required, students may take up to 18)

Total Required Credits: 98.5