2019-2020 Course Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2020  
2019-2020 Course Catalog

Undergraduate Electives

Integrative Health Sciences (BSiHS)—9 Credits Required
Integrative Therapeutics: Massage Therapy (BSiT-MT)—Zero Credits Required
Nutrition (BScN)—6 Credits Required

Accelerated Nutrition (BScN\MScN)—6 Undergrad Credits Required | 12 Grad Credits Required

Undergraduate students may take any elective courses listed below (maximum of 18 elective credits). Core courses in other NUNM undergraduate programs can also be taken for elective credit. In addition, cross-listed courses in graduate programs may be taken for elective credit. In all cases, students must satisfy course prerequisites.

NOTE: Elective courses may not be offered every year. All elective courses are scheduled based on faculty availability and sufficient student enrollment.

Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Cross-Listed Electives

  • IM 441E - Aromatherapy (for description, refer to NDET 6140E )
  • IM 443E - Collaborative Global Health Experience (for description, refer to GSGH 837E )
  • IM 444E - Microbiome (for description, refer to NDEC 7320E )
  • NS 402E - Ethnobotany Intensive (for description, refer to NDEB 6200E )
  • NU 425E - Seasonal Cooking – Winter (for description, refer to GSN 520E )
  • NU 430E - Food Relationship Coaching (for description, refer to GSN 574E )
  • NU 434E - Seasonal Cooking – Spring (for description, refer to GSN 530E )
  • NU 435E - Eating Disorders and Intuitive Eating (for description, refer to GSN 548E )
  • NU 439E - Introduction to Organic Agriculture (for description, refer to GSN 571E )
  • NU 440E - Nutritional Genetics (for description, refer to GSN 564E )
  • NU 445E - Seasonal Cooking – Summer (for description, refer to GSN 501E )