2023-2024 Course Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2023-2024 Course Catalog

Undergraduate Electives

Integrative Health Sciences (BSiHS)—8 Credits Required
Nutrition (BScN)—5 Credits Required

Accelerated Nutrition (BScN\MScN)—6 Undergrad Credits Required | 12 Grad Credits Required

Undergraduate students may take any elective courses listed below. Core courses in other NUNM undergraduate programs can also be taken for elective credit. In addition, cross-listed courses in graduate programs may be taken for elective credit. In all cases, students must satisfy course prerequisites.

NOTE: Elective courses may not be offered every year. All elective courses are scheduled based on faculty availability and sufficient student enrollment.

Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Cross-Listed Electives

  • IM 441E - Aromatherapy (for description, refer to NDET 6140E )
  • IM 443E - Collaborative Global Health Experience (for description, refer to GSGH 837E )
  • IM 444E - Microbiome (for description, refer to NDEC 7320E )
  • NS 402E - Ethnobotany Intensive (for description, refer to NDEB 6200E )
  • NU 425E - Seasonal Cooking – Winter (for description, refer to GSN 520E )
  • NU 430E - Food Relationship Coaching (for description, refer to GSN 574E )
  • NU 434E - Seasonal Cooking – Spring (for description, refer to GSN 530E )
  • NU 435E - Eating Disorders and Intuitive Eating (for description, refer to GSN 548E )
  • NU 439E - Introduction to Organic Agriculture (for description, refer to GSN 571E )
  • NU 440E - Nutritional Genetics (for description, refer to GSN 564E )
  • NU 445E - Seasonal Cooking – Summer (for description, refer to GSN 501E )