2023-2024 Course Catalog 
    May 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Course Catalog

Financial Policies


Beginning in summer 2023, tuition for credit courses is as follows:

Tuition Rate
Undergraduate $268 per credit
Graduate $504 per credit

Tuition and fee rates are reviewed annually and subject to change. For the most current tuition and fees, please refer to the current NUNM catalog online at nunm.edu.

Tuition and Fee Payment Policy

When students register for classes at NUNM they incur charges on their account. Students are financially responsible for paying tuition and fees for all classes for which they are registered. Tuition and fees for each quarter are due and payable in full at the beginning of each term. If a class is added after the term has begun, payment for that class is due at the time of registration. Past due payment is subject to the following:

  • End of fourth week – Registration and transcript holds are placed on accounts with balances.
  • End of fourth week – Late fees may be applied to accounts with outstanding balances.

Student billing is posted to the online billing system, Sonis. The university does not generate paper bills for students prior to the beginning of each term. The Business Office does not provide paper statements to students since real-time billing is available online through their Sonis account.

Students with past due balances will receive a mailed statement letting them know their account is past due and a late fee of $50 is being assessed due to non-payment.

All tuition and fees are listed in U.S. currency. NUNM maintains tuition, fee and refund policies that are fair and uniformly administered. The Business Office may apply a late payment fee of $50 to a student’s account unless the student has paid the balance due or made arrangements (i.e., a deferral promissory note) by the end of the fourth week of each quarter.

Students unable to pay their entire financial balance must see the Business Office to make payment arrangements before the due date. A promissory note may be written to defer payment of tuition until the Friday before finals week begins. There may be a $20 fee assessed for each deferral. The Business Office may deny or rescind a student’s eligibility for a promissory note if a student misses the required payment due dates, provides inaccurate or incomplete information, or has a poor credit history.

The Business Office may block future registration/attendance until all debts have been paid in full or other payment arrangements have been made. Transcripts or diplomas will not be issued to students if they owe the university any money, regardless of the source (e.g., outstanding clinic balances). Students with past due accounts who pay in full will have transcripts or diplomas issued to them two weeks after payment.

All students who elect to pay their account balances with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) will be charged a convenience fee of 3% of the amount paid at the time of processing. Payments made by debit card and/or check will not be charged a fee.There is no fee for online payments through Payclix using this link: http://bit.ly/2Gdu2xu  Payments made through Payclix take 7 to 10 days to post as funds must be transfer from Payclix to NUNM.  Please ensure your payments made online will meet the deadline for due dates.

Any adjustments or modifications to the schedule of tuition charges are subject to the approval of the chief financial officer.

Summer Quarter Financial Aid Considerations

Summer is a non-standard term, and as such, students often find it difficult to enroll in courses that qualify for federal financial aid. In order to qualify for federal financial aid, students must meet the definition of half-time enrollment by enrolling in courses and/or electives that are required for degree completion in their program of enrollment. Students who have met their core and/or maximum number of elective requirements will not be eligible for financial aid for those classes, in any term.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students are responsible for ensuring that charges on their statement are correct and that all tuition for classes, lab fees, and other applicable fees have been applied. It is also the student’s responsibility to pay all charges on their account by the due date, whether or not they have received a courtesy paper statement. If tuition and fees are being paid by parents or relatives on behalf of the student, the university regards this as a private arrangement between the student and the other third party. The university will deal directly with the student regarding the payment of fees or any queries regarding a student statement.
  2. Students experiencing financial problems in the payment of any tuition and fees are responsible for contacting the Business Office to make satisfactory arrangements.
  3. Students are responsible for keeping NUNM informed of their current contact information and must submit changes to their contact information to the Registrar’s Office.
  4. Any financial assessment or judgment against a student for damage to NUNM property, whether arising from a Student Conduct Code proceeding or a court action, will be charged to the student’s account. No transcripts or diplomas will be released to the student until the amount due the university has been paid. The Business Office may also block future registration/attendance.

NOTE: The university is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, the personal property of a student.

Other Expenses

Students are directly responsible for paying for text books, supplies and equipment. These costs vary each term and year, and students are responsible for making payment directly to the vendor.

Tuition and Fee Refund Policies

Adding/Dropping Courses

Students are responsible for following all processes to formally add, withdraw, or drop classes. Students who fail to formally drop classes during the refund period are responsible for the tuition charges. Please note that fieldwork and cultural immersion trips are subject to a different refund schedule, detailed below.

Week of Quarter Tuition Refund Rate
First week 100% tuition
Second week 100% tuition
Third week 50% tuition
Fourth week 25% tuition
Beyond fourth week No refund

Experiential Learning – Tuition and Deposit Refund Policies

Many off-campus experiential learning experiences at NUNM require that travel/accommodation/catering arrangements be made well in advance. These include retreats and travel-based (trip) courses. The tuition and fee refund policies for such events differ from those of standard on-campus courses.

Off-Campus Retreat Courses

(e.g., qigong and naturopathic medicine retreats)

Students formally dropping a retreat prior to the start of the retreat can get full tuition reimbursement. However, they are not eligible for a retreat fee refund once the term has started.

Travel-Based (Trip) Courses

(e.g., global health experience trips, China trip)

Students that sign and submit an agreement to be registered for a travel course are required to reserve their spot with a 50% deposit at the time of registration. The deposit will be charged to the student’s NUNM account. The deposit is used to make travel arrangements, including accommodations and other travel-related expenses. The travel deposit may be assessed several months prior to the trip itself.

After the travel deposit has been assessed, a student who wishes to drop the trip must submit an add/drop form and is subject to the following refund rates:

Deposits for travel-based courses (excluding retreats) will be refunded at 100% up to eight (8) weeks prior to the departure date. If the course is dropped after the eight (8) period, the deposit is non-refundable.

Withdrawing from NUNM

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from the institution, the following policies apply:

  • The application fee, submitted with the initial application for acceptance to NUNM, is nonrefundable.
  • The acceptance deposit fee will be forfeited by a student who withdraws after accepting admission.
  • Calculation of tuition refunds are based on the date the student begins NUNM’s withdrawal process.
  • Tuition refunds will first be applied to balances due NUNM. If a student receiving financial aid is eligible for a refund, that refund is returned to the Federal Financial Aid program.

Tuition refunds for withdrawing students are calculated according to NUNM’s tuition and fee refund policy outlined below:

Week of Quarter Tuition Refund Rate
First week 100% tuition
Second week 90% tuition
Third week 80% tuition
Fourth week 70% tuition
Fifth week 60% tuition
Sixth week 50% tuition
Beyond sixth week No refund

Any refund of tuition and fees resulting from a withdrawal or a reclassification of tuition or enrollment status will be applied to the recipient’s financial aid awards before any payment is made to the student. Tuition refunds are calculated according to NUNM’s tuition and fee refund policy. Return of federal Title IV funds is calculated according to Department of Education regulations. (See Financial Aid  section for more information.) Students whose accounts were paid-in-full often have a balance due NUNM after withdrawal. The Title IV return of funds policy operates independently of the university’s tuition refund policy. It is possible for a withdrawing student to owe NUNM money because unearned aid must first be returned to the Title IV program before any determination can be made about a refund of institutional charges.

Federal regulations for this refund policy allow the university to retain an administrative fee that reduces the institutional charges subject to refund. This fee is 5 percent of total charges, up to a maximum of $100. Furthermore, federal regulations require that any student who has received a loan while attending NUNM and who leaves the university for any reason, including official leaves of absence, must participate in a loan exit interview. Exit counseling is conducted online, through the Department of Education. Instructions will be issued by the Financial Aid Office. Exit counseling can also be arranged by contacting the Financial Aid Office. (See Financial Aid  section for more information.)

* For more information about any of the courses referenced below, please see Course Descriptions .

ND Studies: Lab and Other Fees

(All lab fees are nonrefundable. Retreats, trips and fieldwork are subject to tuition and deposit refund policies noted in the financial policies. *Trip fees vary depending on itinerary.)

Clinic Private Tutoring (6 weeks) $1600
All Cooking and/or Teaching Kitchen Courses (each) $75
ND Makeup Exam (written and quizzes) no charge
ND Makeup Lab Exam $100
ND OSCE 1 & 2 Initial Exam $240
ND OSCE 3 Initial Exam $385
ND Remediation (Makeup) Quiz Fee $25
ND Remediation Exam or Project (for FR/R grades) (fee each) (payable before Remediation can be taken) $100
BAS 5110L, 5120L, 5130L Structure and Function I-III Lab (each) $30 - On-Ground Students Only
BASO 5120L S&F II Lab (online) $10
BAS 5111L, 5121L Clinical Anatomy I-II Lab (each) $45
CLE 827 Clinical Skills Enhancement Tutorial $650
CLE 828 ND OSCE Skills Tutorial $350
CLE 5110, 5121, 5132 Clinical Education (each) $40
CLEO 5110 Clinical Education (online) $45
CLS 6210L Musculoskeletal, Ortho, Exercise Physiology & Rehab Lab $10
CLS 6211L Neurology Lab $10
CLS 6220T Cardiology and Pulmonology Tutorial $25
CLS 6220L Cardiology and Pulmonology Lab $25
CLS 6221L Hematology and Oncology Lab $30
CLS 6230L Gastroenterology and Proctology Lab $100
CLS 6231T Urology and Nephrology Tutorial $60
CLS 7310L Reproductive Lab $325
CLS 7320L EENT Lab $25
CLS 7321L Dermatology and Minor Surgery Lab $35
CLS 7331L Parenteral Therapy and Environmental Medicine Lab $95
NDEB 5110E, 5130E Northwest Herbs I-II (each) $35
NDEB 5201E Cascade Mountain Herb Intensive* $100
NDEB 5210E Herbal Garden Processing $40
NDEB 6230E Advanced Botanical Medicine I  $15
NDEC 7351E Point-of-Care Ultrasound $56
NDER 8430E Natural Childbirth V: Neonatology $270
NDER 7330E NCB II Pregnancy $35
NDER 8440E NCB VI Special Topics  $135
NDET 5120E, 5130E, 5140E Bodywork I-III (each) $75
NDET 6230E On Ground Mindful Self Compassion $5
NDET 6250E Nature Cure Lab $50
PHL 5130 Naturopathic Medicine Retreat $120
THR 5120L Therapeutic Modalities I Lab  $90
THR 5131L Therapeutic Modalities II Lab $50
THRO 5120L Intro to Therapeutic Modalities  $60

CCM Studies: Lab and Other Fees

(All lab fees are nonrefundable. Retreats, trips and fieldwork are subject to tuition and deposit refund policies noted in the financial policies. *Trip fees vary depending on itinerary.)

CCM Initial Exit Exam (CM 996) $185
CCM Clinic Exit Exam Retake (fee each) (payable before Retake can be taken) $150
CCM Makeup Exam (written and quizzes) no charge
CCM Makeup Lab Exam (payable before Makeup can be taken) $60
CCM Remediation Exam or Project (for FR/R grades) (payable before Retake can be taken) $100
CM 01E China Trip Varies
CM 06E Chinese Dietetics $50
CM 15E, 25E, 35E, 45E, 55E, 65E Shiatsu I-VI (each) $7
CM 16E Five-Element Retreat* $150
CM 26E Shan Ren Dao Retreat* Varies
CM 514, 524, 534, 614, 624, 634 Acu-Moxa Techniques I-VI (each) $15
CM 515, 525, 535 Palpation and Perception I-III (each) $10
CM 518, 528, 538, 618, 628, 638, 718, 728, 738 Qigong Retreats I-IX (each)* $300
CM 516 Herbs I $95
CM 526 Herbs II $75
CM 530 Intro to Clinic $15
CM 556, 566, 576, 656, 666, 676 Herbs I-VI Practicum (each) $20
CM 615 Asian Bodywork $7
CM 657 Acu-Moxa Anatomy I $10
CM 663 Auricular Points $10
CM 667 Acu-Moxa Anatomy II $10
CM 714, 724 Advanced Acu-Moxa Techniques I-II (each) $15
CM 735 Applied Palpation and Perception $10
CM 5100E, 5101E, 5102E Non-CCM Qigong Retreat Series I-III (each)* $300

Graduate Programs: Lab and Other Fees

(All lab fees are nonrefundable. Retreats, trips and fieldwork are subject to tuition and deposit refund policies noted in the financial policies. *Trip fees vary depending on itinerary.)

CPR 101 CPR for Wilderness First Aid $50
All Cooking and/or Teaching Kitchen Courses (each) $90
CAM xxx All courses with this prefix Varies
COL xxx All courses with this prefix Varies
GRE xxx All courses with this prefix Varies
GSGH 691 Capstone I: Fieldwork Experience Varies
GSGH 706E Conference in Global Health $800
GSGH 714E Wilderness First Aid Varies
GSGH 821E Tanzania Global Health Experience Varies
GSGH 832E Thailand Global Health Experience Varies
GSGH 836E Ghana Global Health Experience Varies
GSGH 837E Collaborative Global Health Experience Varies
GSGH 838E India Global Health Experience Varies
GSN 501E, 510E, 520E, 530E Seasonal Cooking (each) $90
GSN 502 Culinary Skills $90
GSN 503 Farm to Table $90
GSN 506 Healing Foods I Practicum $90
GSN 508 Fundamentals of Nutrition Workshop $90
GSN 529 Applied Medical Nutrition Therapy $90
GSN 538E Cooking Pedagogy $90
GSN 542E Cooking and Considering Meat and Seafood $90
GSN 543E Personal Chef and Food Service $90
GSN 545E Global Cuisine: Foods of the World $90
GSN 549E Detoxification and Cleanses $90
GSN 551E Therapeutic Diets $90
GSN 557E Cooking with Medicinal Herbs $90
GSN 558E Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) Educator Training $90
GSN 559E Vegan Diets $90
GSN 561E Recipe and Menu Development $90
GSN 568E Healing Foods II Practicum $90
GSN 571E Introduction to Organic Agriculture $35
GSN 572E Indian Cooking $90
GSN 577E Nutrition Career Strategies Retreat Varies
GSN 578E Food Chemistry $90
GSN 582E Constitutional Medicine and Seasonal Dietetics $90
GSN 838E Israel Culinary and Cultural Immersion Trip Varies
GSN 839E Croatia Culinary and Cultural Immersion Trip Varies
GSNO5xxE Virtual Nutrition Clinic Experience Courses $100
RES 531 Integrative Medicine Research Seminar $800
RES 622E Botanicals: Bench to Bedside $100
RES690 Capstone Prep $500

Undergraduate Programs: Lab and Other Fees

(All lab fees are nonrefundable)

All Cooking and/or Teaching Kitchen Courses (each) $90
Undergraduate Makeup Exam (quizzes) $25
IM 311 Introduction to Integrative Medicine $25
IM 422 Introduction to Botanical Medicine $50
NS 312 Anatomy and Physiology Lab $65
NS 324, 334 Organic Chemistry Lab I and II (one-time fee) $100
NS 342E Plants of the Northwest $35
NS 432 Physics with Lab $60
NU 301 Farm to Table $90
NU 313 Fundamentals of Nutrition Workshop $90
NU 314 Culinary Skills $90
NU 423E Foundations of Cooking Techniques $90
NU 431 Whole Food: Rethinking Science and Nutrition $90
NU 437E DIY Kitchen Staples $90
NU 477E NW Herbs I $35

Miscellaneous Fees

Advanced-Standing Transcript Evaluation Fee (one-time application fee) $75
Audit Fee 50% of the per credit rate
Travel for Non-Credit 50% of the per credit rate
Bike Room Fee $25 per quarter
Bus Pass Fee — Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters $25 per quarter
Bus Pass Fee — Summer Quarter $180
Bus Pass Replacement Fee Prorated – TBD
Challenge Examination Fee $60 plus 50% of the per credit rate
Clinic Private Tutoring (6 weeks) $1,500
Clinic Rotation Change Fee $50
CPR Certification Fee (5 hours, CPR 100)
(recertification required every two years)
CPR Recertification Fee (CPR 200) $57
CPR for Wilderness First Aid Fee (CPR 101) $50
Credit Card Fee 3.0% of the total charged
Diploma (replacement) $50
Graduation Fee (fall quarter billing) $160
HIPAA Training (annual fee) $30
Independent Study Fee $464 per credit
Late Payment Fee $50 per quarter
NMSA Fee (winter quarter billing, cannot be waived) $60
NSF Check Returned $30 per check
NSF Payclix Online Fee $30
Orientation Fee (one-time fee for all new students) $100
Parking Fee $107 per quarter
Stop Payment Fee Online $25 per check
Student Activity Fee $30 per quarter
Technology Fee $75 per quarter
Transcript Fee $10 per transcript
Tuberculosis Testing Fee
(can be waived to new students who have documentation of testing)
Tuberculosis Retesting Fee
(for students who return from trips in foreign countries during the academic year)
Tuition Deferment Fee (per deferral) $20

Application Fees

Graduate/Professional (nonrefundable) $75 all programs
Undergraduate (nonrefundable) $50 all programs
Non-Degree (nonrefundable) $25
Transfer/Advanced Standing Evaluation Fee $75 graduate programs

Acceptance Tuition Deposits

(All tuition deposits are nonrefundable; applied toward first quarter tuition)

Colleges of Naturopathic and Classical Chinese Medicine $500
Graduate programs in the School of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies $300
Undergraduate programs in the School of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies $200